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           The NTU executive team meeting on February 25, 2014 approved this center as one of the NTU’s 1st class centers and officially named as Animal Resource Center (ARC). In the 2910th executive team meeting on June 21st, 2016, the PIs approved the organization charter of the ARC. In brief, the ARC is constituted of 4 groups under the management of chief director PIs.

Administration Group:           Responsible for human resource management, financial revenue and expenditure management,
                                                   building maintenance, equipment procurement, material management and control, environmental health and safety, etc.
Animal Care Group:               Responsible for routine breeding, care management, purification, embryo transfer and frozen,
                                                   and environmental cleaning and maintenance, etc.

Veterinary Services Group:    Responsible for experimental animal quarantine, health monitoring, disease surveillance,
                                                   medical care and various commissioning of animal experiments, etc.
Talent Cultivation Group:      Responsible for training courses, guidance of techniques, and development of laboratory animal technologies, etc.